New Version: BonesPro 4.10

Press Release: BonesPro 4.10 Release – including BonesPro-to-Max-Skin converter and Soft Selection

Since the release of BonesPro 4, the 3d-io Team listened carefully to the wishes of customers and production studios for the next update. Since many studios already have a complete workflow based on the Skin modifier we have expanded  BonesPro to allow them to take full advantage of existing export options and file formats that are compatible to Skin. Instead of implementing new custom solutions it is now possible to convert data between BonesPro and Skin with a single button press.

Highlights of BonesPro 4.10

Soft Selection Weighting
BonesPro offers now an effective selection enchacement with its integrated soft selection for vertex-based weight adjustments. This enables artists to fine tune the weights in critical areas in a way that blends smoothly into the surrounding mesh and avoids undesired rough wrinkles of the surface.

BonesPro<->Skin Translator
BonesPro 4.10 delivers a simple solution to transfer all Vertex Weigths to Skin and from Skin back. This makes it possible to immediately use existing exporters, file formats and game engines that have support for the default Skin modifier.

List of changes and new features of BonesPro 4.1

  • Installer improvements for service updates and Windows7 support.
  • Accuracy for certain mesh deformation calculations increased. This now generates generate smoother deformations.
  • Soft selection options added to improve vertex-based fine tuning workflow.
  • Converter to/from Skin modifier.
  • License validation more responsive.
  • Various minor improvements.

The BonesPro plug-in and associated training materials are now available at

If you are a veteran user of BonesPro you can now take the next step and improve your animation workflow even more. If BonesPro is new to you, check out the tutorials and free trial to see how BonesPro can increase your productivity.

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