Skinning and Rigging plugin: BonesPro for Autodesk 3ds Max

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BonesPro 4.77 is ready for Autodesk’s 3ds Max 2019! BonesPro has been updated for full compatibility with 3dsMax 2019. Plus, we added...
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Our developer team has listen to the users wishes and reports for creating better features and more stability. We have today released BonesPro...
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BonesPro 4.74 is ready for Autodesk’s 3ds Max 2018! BonesPro has been updated for full compatibility with 3dsMax 2018. Plus, we added...
If you are a production house with groups of animators and character designers or work with freelancers you probably have encountered the disadvantage of purchasing a plug-in. Having to buy licenses for each animator or freelancer who opens a scene that uses the plug-in is surely something very annoying and costly. The developers of 3d-io have designed an alternative that avoids this problem and gives everyone in your studio the ability to work with BonesPro skinned meshes without a new purchase. Read here more about the BonesPro Proxy.
BonesPro includes a free, valuable video tutorial collection. This online video library covers almost all aspects of working with this great skinning tool. Learn techniques to skin characters efficiently and how to produce high quality results in a simple and understandable step-by-step way.
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A concept that allows for an intuitive and effective workflow: Bring your animated mesh in shape by implanting other shapes under the surface. Experienced character skinners know about all the typical problem areas. Instead of adjusting countless cryptic settings you just take another mesh and push it against the skin. The elbow should have the distinct shape of a bone pressing against the skin? Just insert one. The buttocks deflate when the character bends the legs? Implant spherical shapes that keep them in place. Or create entertaining special effects like a mouse sneaking around under the carpet, pulsing veins or even a parasite moving under the skin.