BonesPro 4.64 dual quaternion Release

Sep 30, 2014

BonesPro 4.64 dual quaternion release

Among various fixes and improvements, the optimal skinning plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, BonesPro, has now received support for the popular dual quaternion blending. This alternative skin blend method now allows 3ds Max riggers and animators to enjoy a faster rigging setup with preserved object volumes in all 3 transformation modes at no extra costs.

You can watch the new skinning workflow video featuring dual quaternion blending in BonesPro here:

BonesPro dual quaternion

Customers can download their free updates from their customer area.

BonesPro 4.64
• Added support for dual quaternion skin blending.
• Quaternion Skin painting tools.
• Fixed 2 issues with vertex selection and manipulation in certain Ediatable Poly objects.
• Improved handling of MetaBone objects in Max 2015 (this includes a fix where Metabones were ignored for certain skinned meshes in Max 2015).
• Minor user interface performance improvements.
For more information please visit:

BonesPro dual quaternion