Teamwork and workflow - BonesPro

Teamwork and workflow

BonesPro Proxy plug-in

We have created a compatible solution for all artists and studios working with external freelancers or third-party render farms. Plug-ins often cause problems when the scene files are opened on other computers where not all required plug-ins are installed. To solve this we have created a replacement BonesPro plug-in that can be downloaded and used freely as a replacement for the normal version. It allows artists who don’t have a BonesPro license to open and work with scenes that include BonesPro skinned meshes. This enables one artist to use BonesPro to skin a character and another artist can later open the scene and work with that character (for example animate it or edit materials) without needing a BonesPro license.

This also optimizes render farm administration. Machines that are just used for rendering don’t need to be burdened with license management or complicated setups. Just having the BonesPro Proxy available in a local or network plug-in directory is all it takes to render any animation that uses BonesPro skinning.


Workflow and production pipelines
BonesPro can be integrated into existing workflows and production pipelines. The modifier and its data can be accessed through MAXScript or c++. This allows you for example to export the final weight data of skinned meshes into a real-time game engine.

An integrated converter for the standard Skin modifier simplifies pipeline integration in a lot of cases. Instead of having to use custom exporters to transfer the BonesPro results into other software BoneSPro users can convert their work to the Skin modifier with a simple button press to take advantage of existing functionality for Skin like using the FBX format or directly exporting to game engines that support Skin, etc.