Quality and fine-tuning - BonesPro

Quality and fine-tuning

High quality mesh deformations

BonesPro uses advanced blending calculations. This avoids ugly intersecting faces, exploding elbows or trails of unassigned vertices of fingers flying across the scene. Meshes stretch like elastic skin, bend smoothly over user defined sub-dermal implants and additional options allow deformation effects like chest movement based on a character’s breathing to be added dynamically.

Visualize Mode

Visual aids for enhanced fine-tuning

You can at any time display a visual representation of the deformation forces in the viewport. Visibility of the mesh, bones and any hypodermic deformers can be quickly adjusted to ensure always an optimal overview of the components that you are currently working with.

Visualize Mode

Flexible vertex influence

In areas where the basic bone influences are not optimal you can easily override this setting completely or just partially to adjust the skinning result. Fine tuning specific areas does not invalidate the automatic influences and you can at any time go back and re-adjust the total influence a bone has over the mesh.

BonesPro Vertex Weighting