Easy and fast - BonesPro

Easy and fast

Quick set-up

BonesPro allows you to set up character skinning with a minimal amount of clicks. Instead of carefully adjusting the size of every bone you can just assign them to the mesh and receive a base set up that is already very precise and minimizes the amount of additional adjustments that are needed.

Easy to setup

Easy to understand

BonesPro leads to quality results with just a few steps:

  • assign bones to your mesh
  • specify exclusion groups
  • fine-tune deformation effects in demanding areas
  • optionally add advanced effects like ParaBones to add even more detail and realism to specific areas like shoulders, knees and elbows
Easy to setup

Fast calculation and real-time feedback

All tools in BonesPro execute fast and modifications can be observed instantly. The mesh, the bones and the hypodermic deformers can quickly be shown or hidden whenever needed and visual aids help you to keep track of the details of your deformation set-up.

Easy to setup

Comfortable bone adjustment

Bones attach the parts of the mesh that are closest to them while providing smooth transitions to parts of the mesh that belong to other bones. This default set-up can be efficiently modified with a few simple bone controls. You can adjust the importance of any bone or exclude it completely from deforming certain areas of your mesh. The changes to your character are immediately visible in real-time.

Easy to setup