Press Release: BonesPro 4 – The veteran in character skinning has returned.

3d-io Developers and Designers are proud to announce the resurrection of the popular and reliable organic skinning plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max. In cooperation with Digimation Inc. 3d-io has rebuilt, improved and optimized this unique character skinning tool in order to further enhance artist productivity. The new BonesPro continues the tradition of incomparably fast and easy skinning setup and smooth skin deformations.

In the current, extremely high demanding world of CG animation every possible increase of quality and speed is crucial to succeed over the competition. For convincing animations it is mandatory that the mesh deforms and follows the movements of the skeleton accurately. Creating realistic looking movements while the deadlines loom in the near future is a very challenging task. This is where BonesPro steps in. It provides you with the ability to achieve impressive results in record time and master the daily challenges of the animation industry.

Key Features of BonesPro
BonesPro delivers fast results through a quick assignment set-up and convenient adjustment options.

Meshes deform like elastic skin, avoid face clipping and don’t tear vertices too far apart from each other.

Hypodermic deformer objects can handle the most problematic areas in an animated mesh with ease.

API access allows integration into existing pipelines and Teams can collaborate on scenes without having to supply everyone with licenses.

And Beyond
BonesPro can not only be used for traditional character skinning but also for many specialized animation effects.

The BonesPro plug-in and associated training materials are now available at
If you are a veteran user of BonesPro you can now take the next step and improve your animation workflow even more. If BonesPro is new to you, check out the tutorials and free trial to see how BonesPro can increase your productivity.

About 3d-io
3d-io games & video production GmbH is specialized company for high-end software development, modeling, animation, rendering, CG effects and 3D industrial design. 3d-io GmbH, headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, has an established strong presence in game development, design & video production, digital content creation as well as in graphics and animation. We are dedicated to provide easy-to-use software products accompanied by dedicated support team, experienced programmers and top notch 3D artists.

About Digimation Inc.
Digimation specializes in developing and delivering 3D solutions for the training and simulation industry including; Interactive Maintenance Trainers, Small Arms Trainers, Virtual Task Trainers, as well as Virtual Environments used in homeland security applications. The company’s service division produces photorealistic 3D parts used in maintenance trainers, OpenFlight 3D models used in simulations, and full 3D animation.